After Love

Date and time
Fri 18th February 2022 at 8:15pm

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Audience Reaction: 80.7%

infrequent strong language

2020 ( UK ) ( Drama )
(English with subtitled French, Arabic, and Urdu)

DIRECTOR:  Aleem Khan
STARRING: Joanna Scanlan, Nathalie Richard, Talid Ariss

After the sudden death of her husband, Mary (Joanna Scanlan), who took the name Fatima when she converted to his Muslim faith, stumbles across a secret. Ahmed, a ship’s captain who worked the ferry route between Dover and Calais, had a lover in France. When Mary sets out to discover more about her husband’s other life, she learns that he had a son – a revelation which not only causes her to question her marriage but her own decisions and identity. Anchored by a phenomenal performance by Scanlan, this is an accomplished debut from writer and director Aleem Khan which employs elegant mirrored scenes and repetition to explore the threads that link the two women.

After Love is poignant, melancholy and a stunningly successful film, which is likely to be the best British film you’ll see this year. 

(1hr 29min)

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