Boris Gudonov

ROH, Live Broadcast

Antonio Pappano conducts a new production of Musorgsky’s magnificent opera on the perils of power, starring Bryn Terfel in the title role

Conductor: Antonio Pappano
STARRING: Bryn Terfel, John Graham-Hall, Ain Anger, John Tomlinson

When Boris Godunov assumed the Russian throne after the death of the Tsarevich, there is much suspicion regarding his character. This quickly escalates when he proves himself to be a cold and unfeeling ruler.

A small band of rebels organise a march on Moscow, but their road is paved with difficulty and opposition. As the turbulent climate threatens to cause rioting and havoc throughout the land, Boris himself begins to unravel, and the future of Russia seems uncertain.

Starring Bryn Terfel as the titular character, Boris Godunov is a dramatic and much-celebrated opera. With a production history that is almost as turbulent as the plot itself, this is a product of the ever-changing culture of Russia, and is a treat for any opera fan.

(2hr 40min)

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