Dune: Part Two

Date and time
Sat 6th April 2024 at 7:45pm
moderate violence, bloody images, threat

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Audience Reaction: 91.4%

2023 (USA/Canada) ( Action/Adventure/Science Fiction )

Starring: Timothy Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Florence Pugh

Director: Denis Villeneuve

This eagerly awaited second part of Denis Villeneuve’s epic drama is a jaw-dropping, enthralling spectacle. Following the events of Dune: Part One where his family were betrayed and left for dead, young Paul Atreides has now found his way to the home of the Fremen – the native people of the desert planet Arrakis. Raising an army to fight back against the merciless Baron Harkonnen, Paul must reckon with the responsibility of being lauded as a messiah and face the threat of the Baron’s psychopathic nephew Feyd-Rautha. Paul endeavours to prevent a terrible future, only he can foresee.

This is an exceptional cinematic achievement in story telling, together with a memorable score and electric performances from all the cast.

(2hr 46mins)