Hear My Song (15)

1991 (Ireland/UK) (Comedy, Drama, Music)
Starring: Ned Beatty, Adrian Dunbar, Brian Flanagan
Director: Peter Chelsom
Micky O’Neill (Adrian Dunbar), a casually unscrupulous music-hall impressario living in England, cons the local Irish population into his small-town nightclub with such ersatz acts as ”Franc Cinatra” His game catches up with him when he books the mysterious Mr. X, a man claiming to be the legendary Irish tenor Josef Locke. Locke, it seems, has been in hiding for 25 years, ever since he fled England to avoid tax-evasion charges. When X turns out to be an imposter, Micky redeems himself by journeying to the Irish countryside to search out the real Josef Locke (Ned Beatty). “Hear My Song” is an unexpected delight that’s both breezy and realistic, freewheeling and focused, joyful and honest. It’s quick, funny, sly and endearing.
Tickets on sale 9th April 2014 (1hr 53min)