I Wish (PG)

2011 (Japan)(Drama)
Japanese with English Subtitles
Starring: Hiroshi Abe, Jô Odagiri, Ohshirô Maeda
Director: Hirokazu Koreeda

This is the story of two young Japanese brothers who live apart following the break-up of their parents’ relationship. The older boy dreams of his family
reuniting and prays for a miraculous intervention in the form of a volcanic eruption, hoping this might lead to his
evacuation from his grandparents’ region and a return home. Then, when he discovers that the passing of the speeding Bullet trains, approaching from opposite directions, creates a ‘cosmic’ moment during which
wishes are granted, he sets out with a few friends to meet his brother at the meeting point on the railway line. There they make their wishes – with varying results.
(2hr 8m)