How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Date and time
Wed 27th September 2023 at 2:30pm
strong language, injury detail, drug misuse, threat.

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Audience Reaction: 62.5%

2022 (USA) (Crime/Drama/Thriller/Western)

Starring: Ariela Barer. Jordan Sjol. Daniel Goldhaber.

Director: Daniel Goldhaber

Friends from Long Beach, California, a city badly polluted by several oil refineries, are in their twenties. They have become disillusioned with the slow pace of the college divestment campaign. After dealing with a mother’s death and one of the group’s battle with leukaemia, both possibly linked to pollution and climate change they seek more aggressive environmental action. The band of old friends plus five strangers, who have their own motives, join together to devise a scheme to detonate an oil pipeline in West Texas.

Explosive adaptation of Andreas Malm’s treatise, How to Blow Up a Pipeline delivers a high stakes eco-thriller ignited by riveting and complex antiheroes. A bold and angry film about the generation out of time and out of options

(1hr 44m)