Queen Of Glory

Date and time
Sun 16th July 2023 at 2:30pm
strong language, drug misuse

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Audience Reaction: 71.9%

2021 ( USA ) ( Comedy )

Starring: Nana Mensah, Meeko, Adam Leon

Director: Nana Mensah

Ghanian-America Sarah (writer and director Nana Mensah) is preparing to leave her life in New York behind alongside her job teaching at university to move across the country. However, her plans are put on hold after her mother unexpectedly passes away. In the fallout, Sarah is left to deal with her mother’s Christian bookstore and the constant demands of her dad (Oberon KA Adjepong), who’s travelled from Accra for the funeral and expects to be waited on constantly. What Mensah has created is an incredibly down-to-earth and funny story that’s rooted in her own personal experiences.

Queen of Glory is an observational insight into a family and community. Led by understated performances from Mensah and the supporting cast, this film is a dazzling gem in modern independent cinema.

(1hr 18min)