ROH: Der fliegende Holländer

An opera by Richard Wagner

Director: Tim Albery
Starring: Bryn Terfel

Recorded Live

The Flying Dutchman has been cursed for eternity. Once every seven years he is allowed to come ashore to seek redemption. He may have found it in Senta, a woman who longs for escape from her dreary life. Senta accepts the Dutchman’s offer of marriage. But the Dutchman wrongly suspects her of unfaithfulness. Thinking he’s protecting her, he leaves to resume his endless voyaging. Senta is left alone.

Tim Albery’s Olivier-nominated production for The Royal Opera delves deep into the psychology of Wagner’s cursed wanderer and his beloved Senta, detailing the monomania and uncompromising idealism that finally drives them apart

The premiere of Der fliegende Holländer in 1843 marked the beginning of Wagner’s career as one of the greatest operatic composers.

(2hr 20min)

Tickets on sale from 23rd January 2015