Saving Mr. Banks (PG)

2013 (USA/UK/Australia) (Biography, Comedy, Drama)
Starring: Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Annie Rose Buckley
Director: John Lee Hancock
“Saving Mr. Banks” is the extraordinary, untold story of how Disney’s classic “Mary Poppins” made it to the screen-and the testy relationship that the legendary Walt Disney had with author P.L. Travers that almost derailed it. The film provides an intriguing perspective on Disney by viewing the empire through the jaundiced eyes of a character who despises the conformity, artificiality and sentiment that she sees as pervading everything Disney produces. Aggressively likeable and sentimental to a fault, Saving Mr. Banks pays tribute to the Disney legacy with excellent performances from Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks. Tickets on sale 2nd April 2014 (2hr 5min)
Friday 25th April 2014 – 7.45pm