The Gift (15)

2015 (Australia | USA) (Mystery, Thriller)
Starring:  Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton
Director:  Joel Edgerton

Simon (Jason Bateman) and wife Robyn (Rebecca Hall) have just moved into a new house. However their lives are thrown into uncertainty and chaos when Simon’s old school pal Gordo (Edgerton) begins imposing himself on their life.

As odd little gifts and gestures are presented to the couple, so are unspoken incidents from a distant past. While Simon is immediately unsettled with Gordo’s repeated turning up at their door unannounced, Robyn is more sympathetic to the loner. However it soon becomes apparent that Gordo’s presence is rooted in an incident from the past.

The Gift may initially feel like it’s something we’ve all seen before, but it builds to a tremendous crescendo. This is a dark and twisted gem of a thriller with a gut-punch of an ending.

(1hr 48min)

Tickets on sale 6th January 2016