The Promised Land

Date and time
Fri 26th April at 7:45pm
strong violence, threat, injury detail, sex, very strong language

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2023 ( Denmark/Germany/Sweden ) ( Drama ) (with English sub-titles)

Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Simon Bennebjerg

Director: Nikolaj Arcel

The Danish entry for Best International film at the Oscars, this gripping historical epic stars Mikkelsen as Ludvig Kahlen, a veteran soldier who arrives in Northern Denmark in 1755 intending to establish a settlement and farm the barren heath granted to him by the king. But this land also happens to be under the rule of the merciless Frederick de Schinkel, a preening nobleman who realises the threat Kahlen represents to his power. De Schinkel wants a monopoly on this local land and will crush anyone who stands in his way. As Kahlen’s group begin to build a small community in this inhospitable place, de Schinkel swears vengeance and the confrontation between him and Kahlen promises to be as violent and intense as these two men.

(2hr 7min)