A Man Called Ove (15)

Audience Reaction: 91.5%

2015 ( Sweden ) ( Comedy, Drama )
( Swedish and Persian with English subtitles ))

DIRECTOR: Hannes Holm
STARRING: Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars, Filip Berg

Fredrik Backman’s 2012 novel A Man Called Ove became an international bestseller several years ago, chronicling the life of a grumpy old curmudgeon and the unlikely friendship he strikes up with his neighbours. Now, writer/director Hannes Holm has adapted the beloved book into a Swedish-language drama that’s become one of the biggest Swedish box office hits of all time.

A 59-year-old widower, Ove (Rolf Lassgård) is the kind of cantankerous and nosy old man who hisses at cats, reorganises his neighbours’ recycling, and breaks off friendships just because the other person drives a Volvo. During every graveyard visit to his recently deceased wife, he promises to see her again soon, but every time he attempts to kill himself, he either fails or is unknowingly interrupted by one of his neighbours, sparking vivid and emotional flashbacks to earlier periods in his life. Things start to look up, however, when a young pregnant woman named Parvaneh (Bahar Pars) moves into the neighbourhood with her young daughters and inept husband, and despite his initial reluctance, Ove finds himself warming to his new friend.

Nominated for two Oscars, it presents a rich tapestry of humanity – romance, heroism, tragedy and, best of all, simple acts of kindness.

(1hr 56min)

Tickets on sale 13th October 2017