A talk followed by ‘Downton Abbey, A New Era’

Date and time
Wed 7th September 2022 at 7:30pm
mild bad language, sex references

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Audience Reaction: 91.8%

Cost: Non-members: £7.00, Members: £5.00, 18 and under: £4.00

This is the first film in our 20th Anniversary Celebration Week. It is the latest Downton Abbey film and we know from previous showings of Downton Abbey that this will be a popular choice. At 7.30pm, prior to this film, an informative a talk will be given on how and why Octagon Films started, the major events on the road to the present and our aspirations for the future.

2022 ( UK | USA )  ( Drama, Romance ) 

Starring: Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Maggie Smith
Director: Simon Curtis

If you loved “Downton Abbey” on the telly then you are going to love this second spin-off film. In this film one of the main storylines concerns a fictional film production company renting Downton Abbey to make a silent picture. It is 1928, after all. Cue much outrage both above and below stairs – ‘I think it’s a horrible idea – all those actresses plastered in make-up,’ harrumphs Lord Grantham.

The film’s other main storyline sees the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) being left a villa (more of a palace, actually) on the French Riviera.

It’s charming, well acted and beautifully done. ‘Downton Abbey, A New Era’ is a film that manages to be huge fun and yet will still have many of us dabbing gently at our eyes. Yes, Downton has done it again.

(2hr 4min)