Date and time
Sat 10th November 2018 at 7:00pm

NT Live, Encore Showing

Alan Bennett’s sharp and hilarious new play is just what the doctor ordered. Filmed live at London’s Bridge Theatre during its limited run, don’t miss this rousing chorus line for the NHS.

Director:  Nicholas Hytner
STARRING: Samuel Barnett, Deborah Findlay, Sacha Dhawan

The Beth, an old fashioned cradle-to-grave hospital serving a town on the edge of the Pennines, is threatened with closure as part of an efficiency drive. A documentary crew, eager to capture its fight for survival, follows the daily struggle to find beds on the Dusty Springfield Geriatric Ward, and the triumphs of the old people’s choir.

Allelujah! is Alan Bennett’s tenth collaboration with award-winning director Nicholas Hytner.

(2hr 50min)

Tickets on sale from 13th October 2018