Eddie the eagle (PG)

2016 ( UK | USA | Germany ) ( Biography, Comedy, Drama )

STARRING: Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, Tom Costello
DIRECTOR: Dexter Fletcher

In an age of doping cheats and sporting scandals, there is something truly inspirational about the story of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. Eddie (Taron Egerton) became a global phenomenon during the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Despite having no experience as a ski-jumper, he chose to train for the event as it gave him the best chance to fulfil his dream of becoming an Olympian. Eddie had the purest of motives, competing solely for the love of skiing and the chance to prove his critics wrong. Taron Egerton’s character Eddie is so fundamentally lovable that, from the minute he appears on screen, you’re desperate for him to succeed.

It is a massively entertaining film that absolutely soars. Eddie The Eagle will lift your spirits, put a smile on your face and have you jumping for joy.

(1hr 46min)

Tickets on sale 17th August 2016