Fisherman’s Friends (12A)

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Fri 13th September 2019 at 7:45pm

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Audience Reaction: 93.0%

2019 ( UK ) ( Comedy, Drama, Music )

Starring: Tuppence Middleton, James Purefoy, Daniel Mays
Director: Chris Foggin

A Member’s Choice Film. This film is an upbeat British comedy inspired by the true story of an all-male capella folk singing group from Port Isaac in Cornwall called the Fisherman’s Friends. The Fisherman’s Friends really were signed by a major record label, had a top 10 hit, and turned into a full-blown media sensation.
The film begins when Danny (Daniel Mays), a music exec, comes to Port Isaac with his obnoxious friends for a stag do. He is tricked into trying to sign up the group. Danny doesn’t give up easily and he starts to discover a way of life and a sense of community in Port Isaac that are entirely absent in his corner of London. He “goes native” and learns to drink Cornish bitter instead of London lager. Later he brings the Fisherman’s Friends to London to perform as they try to convince the record companies they’re worth taking a punt on. The fishermen are aghast at the price of beer – £53.80 for 10 pints. They’re even more startled by the price of fish.

Fisherman’s Friends has a great cast, good humour in abundance, whilst not forgetting the sea shanties – even “Drunken Sailor” seems fresh when roared out in a London pub by the band.

(1hr 52min)

Tickets on sale 17th August 2019