Fisherman’s Friends: One And All

Date and time
Wed 12th April 2023 at 2:30pm
moderate sex references, language

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Audience Reaction: 98.3%

2022 ( UK ) ( Comedy, Drama, Music )

Starring: James Purefoy, Sam Swainsbury, Dave Johns

Directors: Meg Leonard, Nick Moorcroft

The sequel to the 2019 hit UK comedy charts the next instalment of the Fisherman’s Friends uplifting true-story. Following the unexpected success of the band’s debut album “No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues” we re-join them almost a year later, struggling with the pressures, pitfalls and temptations of their newfound fame. Fisherman’s Friends One and All continues the journey with the loveable ‘buoy band’, as they navigate the choppy waters of fame, second album syndrome, and performing on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury.

 Fisherman’s Friends: One And All delivers a familiar blend of light comedy and rollicking traditional ditties.

(1hr 51min)