FRENCH FILM EVENING – Driving Madeleine
Double Bill, Film

Date and time
Sat 2nd March 2024 at 7:45pm
sex violence, domestic abuse, brief strong violence, language

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A French film evening, featuring two films, the first one (Point Blank ) starting at 5.30pm. This is then followed by a French style buffet including French cheese, pate, French bread and a glass of wine. This film (Driving Madelaine) will start at 7.45 pm. The ticket price is £14 for members and non-members and includes both films and the buffet. People can come just for the buffet and the second film if they prefer.

Please note that there is a maximum limit of 50 people as we are limited by the seating for the buffet.

Driving Madeleine

2022 ( France ) ( Drama ) (French with English sub-titles)

Starring: Line Renaud, Dany Boon, Alice Isaaz

Director: Christian Carion

Taxi driver Charles is booked to drive 92 year old Madeleine on a seemingly simple taxi ride across Paris to her new retirement home. However, he is pre-occupied with many problems and a quick fare seems an easy distraction … but Madeleine wishes to make stops along the way and has many stories to tell. As the story unfolds, we discover that Madeleine’s life has been anything but ordinary!

This is a fascinating journey, complete with picture-postcard views of Parisian splendours.

(1hr 30min)