Labyrinth of Lies (12A)

2014 ( Germany ) ( Drama, History )
(German with English subtitles)

STARRING: André Szymanski, Alexander Fehling, Friederike Becht
DIRECTOR: Giulio Ricciarelli

Set in 1958, and based on a true story, Labyrinth of Lies tells the story of the way post war Germany dealt with the Nazis and the conduct of the war, particularly at Auschwitz. Junior public prosecutor Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling) comes across some documents that help initiate the trial against some members of the SS who served in Auschwitz. These criminals might now be working as a local baker or a friendly postman in the community. However, the hostility shown towards his work make it almost impossible for him to find his way through this maze; everybody seems to have been involved and Nazi sympathisers protect those who participated in concentration camp war crimes.

Labyrinth of Lies gives us a thought-provoking look at how the lessons of history can be easily lost or forgotten.

(2hr 4min)

Tickets on sale 24th August 2016