Lawless (18)

2012 ( USA ) ( Crime, Drama )

STARRING: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce
DIRECTOR: John Hillcoat

This fact-based film focuses on three brothers selling outlawed alcohol in Franklin County, Virginia. However when a new deputy (Guy Pearce) rolls into town wanting to clamp down on the alcohol trade, they’re forced to step up their game or risk losing their business forever.

“Lawless” delves into complex themes about loyalty, brotherhood and violence. At times, the violence can be hard to watch, but the brutality always exists for a reason. Like in “The Sopranos,” violence isn’t seen as an unnecessary part of their lives. It exists because the brothers need it to survive.

“Lawless” is exactly what it’s supposed to be – a stylish, streamlined, and thrilling prohibition era action yarn.

(1hr 56min)

Tickets on sale 17th April 2017