Man and Superman

A classic play by George Bernard Shaw

Director: Simon Godwin
Starring: Ralph Fiennes

Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes stars in a dazzling reinvention of Bernard Shaw’s fantastical philosophical comedy.

A serious, self-styled revolutionary and wealthy bachelor, Jack Tanner (Ralph Fiennes) becomes the reluctant guardian to a charming heiress named Ann. Rejecting the adoration of a poet, she decides to marry and tame the suitably aghast Tanner. Naturally, he opts to flee to Africa instead. But our radical hero then finds himself captured by bandits. What follows is an extraordinary philosophical dream-debate about Heaven and Hell with the Devil himself! Meanwhile, scheming force of nature Ann is in hot pursuit.

Inspired by Don Juan, George Bernard Shaw’s 1903 play is a romantic comedy, a social satire, an epic fairytale and a profound philosophical argument all in one. Simon Godwin’s exhilarating makeover of this provocative classic benefits from the inspired casting of Ralph Fiennes, who demonstrated his extraordinary gift for comedy in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.

(3hr 30min)

 Tickets on sale from 21st April 2015