Robot Dreams

Date and time
Sun 21st April at 2:30pm
mild rude humour

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2024 ( Spain, France ) ( Animation, Drama, Music) (No Dialogue)

Director: Pablo Berger

Dog lives in Manhattan and he’s tired of being alone, so one day he decides to build himself a companion, Robot. Their friendship blossoms, and they become inseparable, together exploring the sights and sounds of 1980s New York. But one summer night, Dog, with great sadness, is forced to abandon Robot at the beach. Will they ever meet again?

  Robot Dreams is a dialogue-free, family-friendly love story about friendship – its importance, meaning and fragility. Wise and wistful, charming and often sharply humorous, with evocative sound design and a lovely soundtrack (including joyous use of Earth, Wind & Fire’s dance-floor filler ‘September’), it’s full of pleasing nods to silent cinema classics and will delight audiences young and old alike

(1hr 42min)