Rocketman (15)

Date and time
Fri 1st November 2019 at 7:45pm

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Audience Reaction: 90.0%

2019 ( UK | USA | Canada ) ( Biography, Drama, Music )

Starring: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden
Director: Dexter Fletcher

Rocketman is a rousing and emotional affair with an operatic sweep. This is a story of one of pop culture’s most extraordinary metamorphoses: Reg Dwight, the “fat kid from nowhere”, leaves his Pinner roots far behind as he blossoms forth as the flamboyant singer in glitter and platform heels. However his success takes a huge toll.
The film foregrounds the friendship between Reg and songwriter Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell). They’re portrayed as being as close as brothers. They spark each other’s creativity. Bernie writes the words and Elton puts them to music. Almost as important is the very complicated relationship with his beloved mum and his heady but ultimately destructive affair with his manager, John Reid (Richard Madden).

At the end of the day, “Rocketman” manages to be campy and yet sincere, serious and yet ridiculous, profound and yet silly, and quite wonderful. Just like Elton himself.

(2hr 1min)

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