Rye Lane

Date and time
Sat 8th April 2023 at 7:45pm
very strong language

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Audience Reaction: 70%

2023 ( UK ) ( Comedy, Drama, Romance )

Starring: David Jonsson, Vivian Oparah, Poppy Allen-Quarmby

Director: Raine Allen-Miller

Dom (David Jonsson) is crying in the unisex toilets at an art gallery opening having been reminded that his long-term girlfriend dumped him for his best friend. Yas (Vivian Oparah) overhears Dom’s sobs and takes pity on him. She is an aspiring costume designer who has just come out of a relationship and she sets about shaking off Dom’s blues. They wind up spending the rest of the day together, discussing everything from the joys of cheap nuggets to the horror of chatting to your loved one on FaceTime and suddenly realising she’s cheating. The pair are hooked on the past. But, given the chance, might these goof-balls develop a taste for each other?

Bursting with attitude and energy, this South London romcom recounts a hugely engaging story populated by sharply well-played characters. Rye Lane will leave you with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and (hopefully) a renewed confidence in next-wave British film-making.

(1hr 22min)