The Blue Caftan

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Fri 22nd September 2023 at 7:45pm
moderate sex

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Audience Reaction: 79.9%

2022 ( France/Morocco/Belgiam) ( Drama )

(Arabic with English subtitles)

Starring: Lubna Azabal, Saleh Bakri, Ayoub Massioui

Director: Maryam Touzani

The arrival of an attractive young apprentice disrupts the lives of a middle-aged couple Halim and Mina. They have been married for some time and produce exquisitely finished hand-sewn garments. However, their union contains a secret, which must be kept quiet in a strictly conservative country like Morocco. This is a sensual, thoughtful and intensely moving film, exploring the complexities of sexuality, marriage and human fragility.

Brilliantly acted, it is an overwhelmingly tender character study and a thoughtful investigation into a country’s relationship with tradition and modernity.

(1hr 58min)