The Merchant of Venice

Royal Shakespeare Company, Live Broadcast

A chance to see one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated works, performed by the highly acclaimed Royal Shakespeare Company.

Director:     Polly Findlay
Starring:      Makram J. Khoury, Patsy Ferran, Jamie Ballard

Bassanio asks his friend, Venetian merchant Antonio, to lend him three thousand ducats to finance his wooing of the lovely Portia of Belmont. But since Antonio’s wealth is tied up in seafaring business ventures, he borrows the cash from moneylender Shylock. Thanks to simmering racial tensions, there’s no love lost between the two men. Shylock insists on a bond stipulating that if the debt is not repaid by an agreed date, he will take a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Then news arrives that Antonio’s ships have been lost at sea…

Following the success of her recent production of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island at the National Theatre, award-winning British theatre director Polly Findlay brings us this stunning performance of one of Shakespeare’s most notable works.

(3hr 0min)

 Tickets on sale from 10th June 2015