The Nun (12A)

2013 ( France/Germany/Belgium) (Drama)
(French with English subtitles)
Starring: Pauline Etienne, Isabelle Huppert, Louise Bourgoin
Director: Guillaume Nicloux
Set in France, in the 1760s, Suzanne (Pauline Etienne) is a beautiful young girl with a natural talent for music. Despite her faith, she is dismayed when her parents send her off to a convent, expecting her to become a nun. She soon finds out that she is an illegitimate child, leaving her no other option than to take her vows and suffer the consequences of her mother’s sin. Adapted from Diderot’s eponymous novel, The Nun tells the story of a woman trying to resist imposed religious values, revealing the dehumanizing effect of cloistered life. With impressive production design and a strong script, this is an engaging, well made French period drama anchored by a superb performance from Pauline Etienne. (1hr 52min)
Tickets on sale 16th April 2014