The Royal Ballet & The National Ballet Of Canada: The Winter’s Tale
Broadcast, Royal Opera House

Date and time
Sun 26th May at 2:00pm
No material likely to offend or harm

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Recorded Live

Christopher Wheeldon’s adaptation of “A Winter’s Tale” for the Royal Ballet  is a poignant ballet based on Shakespeare’s play.

The narrative unfolds around King Leontes’ unfounded jealousy towards his wife, Hermione, causing tragic events including the death of their son and Hermione’s apparent death, followed by the abandonment of their daughter, Perdita. Years later, Perdita’s romance with Prince Florizel leads to a series of revelations, the miraculous return of Hermione, and the family’s reunification. The ballet is divided into a tragic, intense first half and a joyous, romantic second half, effectively using dance, music, and visual effects to portray a story of jealousy, loss, love, and redemption. Wheeldon’s creation is a masterful representation of Shakespeare’s complex tale, celebrated for its emotional depth and narrative richness.

The Royal Opera House’s “The Winter’s Tale,”  is lauded for its expressive choreography, emotive music by Joby Talbot, and innovative staging and design by Bob Crowley. This adaptation captures the emotional depth of Shakespeare’s play, seamlessly transitioning from tragedy to comedy and reconciliation. The Royal Ballet’s dancers deliver powerful performances, their technical skill and emotional expressiveness bringing the story to life. The ballet remains faithful to Shakespeare, making the narrative accessible and deeply affecting for both new audiences and those familiar with the original work, creating a holistic and memorable theatrical experience.

(3hrs 20mins, including two intervals)