The Sisters Brothers (15)

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Fri 8th November 2019 at 7:45pm

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Audience Reaction: 61.0%

2018 (France | Spain | Romania | Belgium | USA) ( Comedy, Crime, Drama )

Starring: John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal
Director: Jacques Audiard

The Sisters Brothers is set in 1850s Oregon. John C Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix play the quarrelling Sisters Brothers, Eli and Charlie Sisters. These are two rangy and disreputable guys who are liable to come riding into town up to no good. They are in fact assassins, working for a shadowy person nicknamed the Commodore, He’s ordered them to hunt down Hermann Warm, (Riz Ahmed) a gold prospector who may have discovered a secret way of finding gold. However things get complicated when a detective called Morris (Jake Gyllenhaal) takes Warm’s side.
Even though the thrust of the story is heavy, and the violence abundant, “The Sisters Brothers” is also funny and biting. It explores the intersecting themes of fellowship, brotherhood, and friendship in a sustained and compelling way.

Jacques Audiard’s film is a modern day Spaghetti Western. It’s hard-hitting, full of great landscapes, incredible set pieces, thought-provoking dialogue, fascinating characters and very loud guns.

(2hr 2min)

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