The Wife (15)

Date and time
Fri 19th April 2019 at 7:45pm

Audience Reaction: 79.6%

2017 ( UK | Sweden | USA ) ( Drama )

Starring: Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Max Irons
Director: Björn Runge

Glen Close is superb as Joan, a long-suffering literary spouse whose marriage reaches crisis point when her husband wins a Nobel Prize. On the surface all is idyllic. As if the Nobel weren’t joy enough, their daughter is about to make them grandparents. However below the surface all is not well and this film is at its captivating best in portraying the nerve-shredding fragility of a relationship trapped on the edge of a smoking volcano. One tiny shift in the marital tectonic plates could cause a catastrophic eruption. Finally the volcano erupts at a major award ceremony where Close makes no effort whatsoever to disguise her true feelings.

Glen Close just missed out on an Oscar for playing this role but it is her outstanding and remarkable performance that makes this drama shine.

(1hr 39min)

Tickets on sale 29th March 2019