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Wed 27th March 2024 at 2:30pm
Sun 7th April 2024 at 7:00pm
Holocaust theme, disturbing scenes, racism, moderate sex references

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Audience Reaction: 76.8%

2023 ( USA/UK/Poland ) ( Drama ) (In German with English sub-titles)

Starring: Sandra Huller, Christian Friedel, Freya Kreutzkam

Director: Jonathan Glazer

An historical drama, which alludes to the atrocities of the Holocaust without directly showing them. Rudolph and Hedwig are an attractive well-to-do German couple, who live with their five children in a neat, spacious house in the Polish countryside. Friends and family often come to visit. The large well tended garden is perfect for hosting parties. However, the main reason for living here is convenience, since it’s right next door to Rudolph’s work. On the far side of the unusually high garden wall lies the Autschwitz concentration camp, where since the age of 38 he has served as commandant.

(1hr 45min)